Pepi Classes:

Pepi is the water familiarisation component of the Swim and Survive program. It is designed specifically for children aged 6 to 36 months. 

Pepi is a child-centred program which is taught with parent or carer and child together in the water.

As a parent/guardian, you are an integral part of your child's aquatic education by providing guidance and support through activities that provide for the development of water familiarisation, exploration and water safety skills. 

Pepi uses songs, games and activities to teach children a variety of skills including entries, floating, breathing and movement. 

Pepi has three awards that are arranged by age groups. Within each age group are two stages which allow for a stepping stone of progression, keeping the program challenging and rewarding.

FROM $7.50 a week

Tamaiti Classes:

Designed for children aged 3 to 5 years, Tamaiti is the water confidence component of the Swim and Survive program. Tamaiti is fundamental to the development of basic foundation skills in swimming, survival and water safety, as is a positive attitude towards learning these essential skills.

Swim and Survive Tamaiti guides children through fun and safe activities, gradually building upon their breathing, floating and movement skills; supporting and encouraging independence.

The Tamaiti program progresses from initial parental participation to children developing trust and learning through interacting independently with the teacher.

Tamaiti has five awards for children to progress through as they build confidence and develop new skills.

FROM $17.50 a week


Designed for children aged 5 - 14 years, Tamariki is the Swimming and Water Safety component of the Swim and Survive program which has been around for over 30 years!

Tamariki is used to emphasise that the skills learnt in the program not only save lives but provide a foundation for participation in a range of aquatic recreation, fitness and sporting activities. 

Swim and Survive Tamariki is a broad and balanced program teaching a range of skills and knowledge to develop swimming, water safety, survival and basic rescue skills.

With a vibrant look and an increased focus on stroke development, Tamariki encourages children to have a healthy respect for the aquatic environment. 

Tamariki has three developing awards and seven core awards to progress through. The initial awards focus on the development of foundation skills with the higher awards building on endurance.

FROM $17.50 a week 

Bronze Squad  

Bronze squad is for people who are wanting to or currently swim competitively. It's specifically focused on those who are confident in the water and working on their individual technique. Coached by experienced competitors, this level is more high impact. 
You need to complete an assessment at this level to qualify for this group.
FROM $15.90 a week

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